Dear fellow Ugandans, UFDO; supporters/well-wishers from all around the world, funders, and the entire team. First and foremost, it was always the founder’s/Chairman’s gesture. We extend our sincere greetings and best wishes for the new year 2024.

This address has been long overdue considering the circumstances but, we highly believe in God’s time and there has been so much going on from behind the scenes since the 27th of September 2023 when the chairman Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi departed.

With the above, allow us to extend our deepest condolences to him;

– Family, wife Mrs. Mayimuna Nakayiira Kiyingi, and the children.

– Extended family, and friends.

– Ugandan community back in Uganda and all around the world.

– Medical and research fraternity worldwide.

– His clientele worldwide.

– His well-wishers on all levels of life.

– The entire team at UFDO.

– And lastly but not least, our funders at UFDO worldwide who loved and cared for him and his visions of humanity and philanthropy immensely.

We at UFDO wish to extend our sincere gratitude to Mrs. Kiyingi for the way she handled the situation with the utmost sensitivity that it required. And, for controlling the unnecessary information leakage which would lead to misinformation from malicious groups. Thank you, Mrs. Kiyingi, for the courage you exercised in handling the Chairman’s issues with the much dignity that befitted a man of his caliber.

Still on Mrs. Kiyingi, some of our funders who requested for her personal contact information. Both email and mobile phone numbers are already in the drop box. She is back from a befitting leave of absence and we are going to be with her at the executive committee meeting in Singapore come April to guide us on a few things and the way forward following the Chairman / Founder’s wishes and vision. Which brings us to the next issue.


As the executive committee, we are having a meeting at the usual venue in Singapore starting with a dinner/get together as per our founder’s favorite gesture of getting to know and engage everyone.

We are happy to announce that Mrs. Kiyingi will be joining us as per the request of our funders.

The agenda for that day will be shared in our drop box. Please keep an eye so you come prepared to make suggestions on different topics on the agenda.

Kind regards to the entire world at large and everyone who supported Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi’s visions. Let us continue to make him proud.

The Executive team at UFDO.


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