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Uganda is at the crossroads.

Uganda is now a military and police state.

The current government is oppressive to the extreme. Laws are made and broken at will, the constitution has been abused and broken several times. The issue of Elections in Uganda is a very sick joke and Parliament is just a rubber stamp classroom. Civil liberties have been trashed and the ordinary citizen lives in perpetual fear.

  • Not everyone is equal under the law, with some privileged and untouchables who can do what they want anytime they want, and the others can be harassed, framed for crimes they did not commit and many imprisoned, or even killed.
  • Taxation is now an oppression tool- those who support the government get untold privileges and those who don’t are punished with exorbitant, unfair taxes and bled to the bone marrow.
  • The education system is in tatters and the so called “education for all” is now infamously called “let them all be stupid”!!!.
  • Most institutions and parastatal bodies which were the foundation for the Uganda economy in the 60s and the 70s are now history and natural resources are plundered at will.
  • The environment is decimated at a very fast rate particularly forest reserves.
  • Land and property are grabbed shamelessly by misusing the courts and the law
  • The health sector is now a shame and a disaster……… and so on and so on.

The above are just the tip of the iceberg of what prompted me and a group of people who love Uganda to form the political umbrella group “The Uganda Federal Democratic Organisation” As the title suggests, we appreciate that Uganda is unique in its origins: politically and culturally, with many diverse views and practices. We at the Ugandafdo feel that everyone MUST be accommodated. Therefore we value democracy and at the same time respect the various regional practices and cultural endowments. The aim of the Ugandafdo is to reclaim other Uganda and prevent its total destruction. Unfortunately, Time Is Running Out and therefore, I personally appeal to all who love Uganda to come forward and be counted: it is now or never. This website is for you. Send in articles, views, suggestions, videos, photos, music and anything else that you feel will contribute to the struggle to liberate Uganda from the current dictatorial and murderous regime. Warning: Some videos are really gross and parental care should be taken if watching in front of minors Finally, financial, material and moral support is needed. You can make a contribution by following the instructions given after pressing the PayPal tab on the front page. Strict accountability is a must and all your contributions will be used for the purpose of saving Uganda. If you leave your details, we shall acknowledge the contribution, but for those who wish to be anonymous, we shall definitely respect your privacy, especially under the current security conditions. For those inside Uganda who might want to help in any way, but require privacy, kindly send an email with your details to and someone from our office will contact you with further instructions.


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About the Uganda Federal Democratic Organisation


The Uganda Federal Democratic Organisation (UFDO) is a non profit organisation dedicated to ending dictatorship and corruption in Uganda in addition to the restoration of peace, dignity, equality, honesty, decency, responsible government, preservation of the environment, removal of anarchy, reduction of poverty, prevention of the total destruction of Ugandan cultural values, improving health standards, improving educational standards and restoring basic and fundamental human rights and freedom.


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