Uganda Federal Democratic Organisation (UFDO) Chairman Dr Aggrey Kiyingi has welcomed the unity pact between People Power Movement leader Hon Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine and People’s government president Dr Kiiza Besigye Kifeefe.

Uganda’s cardiologist based in Australia Dr Kiyingi told Whisper Eye News that unity among opposition is the only way to defeat Mr Museveni.

While addressing the nation on radio munansi (, on Sunday, June 13, Dr Kiyingi called for unity as a prerequisite to defeat Mr Museveni.

Dr Kiyingi said that all opposition players must come together and contribute to the struggle to liberate Uganda.

“I do welcome the efforts started by Dr Kiiza Besigye and Hon Kyagulanyi, this is a right path to take,’ says Dr Kiyingi.

” No need to fight each other, Mr Museveni survives on divide and rule formula, let us deny him way out.

Mr Museveni survives on sectarianism, this is the time to get united as opposition to defeat him, he added.”

He said that the new political framework of United Forces of Change can be used as a foundation to unite all political groups in Uganda, big and small are important in this struggle, according to Dr Kiyingi.

For the pass 20years, the question of unity among opposition has been the major blockage to all attempts planed against president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Dr.Kiyingi Aggrey is a Consultant Cardiologist based in Australia.

He is a son to Azalia Ssebowa, a peasant in Busukuma, Namulonge in Wakiso district.

The father, who was shot dead in the mid 1980s.

Dr. Kiyingi graduated from Makerere University, Uganda in 1977 with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.

He speaks Luganda, Swahili and English.


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