The Hollywood like planned kidnap of Uganda’s Sydney based cardiologist Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi to face murder and terrorism charges in Uganda have been blown up. According to highly placed intelligence sources, Kiyingi who is at the center of a bizarre case including murder, funding terrorism was due to be kidnapped from his Australia base, and extradited to Uganda in a private jet by a group of highly trained commandos and assassins. Dr. Kiyingi who has been branded a state “enemy” last year announced plans to contest for Presidency in next years’ elections. He still insists plans to have him arrested for terrorism charges are geared towards sabotaging his presidential ambitions. While parading the Allied Democratic Forces rebel leader Jamil Mukulu at the Nalufenya counter terrorism tactical base in Jinja, Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura made it clear that he would arrest Dr. Kiyingi. In his words Kayihura said; “We have arrested Jamil Mukulu. My advise to Dr. Kiyingi is to desist from such acts of terrorism and concentrate on his medical profession. If not I will arrest him.” Kiyingi has been accused among others of funding the murder of seven people including leading moslem clerics in the country. But the worlds’ most respected cardiologist has made it clear from his Sydney base; “If Mr. Museveni persists in trying to cut my head off, whether I’m there or not, I want to make a prediction: there will be a people’s revolution. I’ve never supported terrorism in any way. I’ve never funded any terrorist group or any terrorist’. Kiyingi says he fears for his life if he returns to Uganda. “I’ll be killed instantly or arrested. You’re talking about Museveni. You’re not talking about Australia. Athough this has come out in the press, actually I’ve not received any court summons or criminal summons from Uganda,” he said. How the kidnap plan was hatched According to a highly sensitive dossier written by a shrewd UPDF Captain (names withheld), the Cardiologist who has lived in Australia for more than 30 years was due to be kidnapped, from Sydney, drugged, placed in a private plane and secretly extradited to Uganda to answer multiple charges. Sources intimate to The Investigator that the captain known in the continent for carrying out dangerous clandestine moves and operations approached the Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura who reluctantly agreed to the move. We are told that the shrewd soldier needed USD 150,000 (shs530m) to execute the operation on top of being given a private plane.

What happened?

Just as the move was being planned for execution, scores within America’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) got leeway of the planned move and warned otherwise

Police Responds

When contacted to clarify on these, Police Spokesperson Commissioner of Police Fred Enanga acknowledged that indeed plans were underway to have Kiyingi extradited to Uganda. In his words, Enanga said; “CID was in the process of submitting papers to Interpol so as to secure a RED NOTICE. Once this is done, the issue of extradition is unquestionable. However I am yet to get a brief on what the real situation regarding that arrangement.” Under extradition arrangements between Commonwealth countries, Australia can consider requests from Uganda to bring a person to justice in that country. But Dr. Kiyingi’s lawyers are against this saying their client would not get a fair hearing in Uganda. They insist if he is to be tried, he must as well be tried from Australia. Though Enanga notes that plans are underway to have extradition order for the cardiologist, in an apparent contradiction, the Uganda High Commission in Australia said it had no information about Kiyingi’s case.

Court Issues Summons

Nakawa Grade one Magistrate Timothy Lumbuye, last month issued criminal summons against Kiyingi. Kayihura insists that Kiyingi should take it upon himself and show up to answer to the charges against him so as to clear his name. “Let him come and answer the charges and if he is innocent, he will be cleared to stand for presidency. We have evidence he was behind terror cells and crimes against humanity in Eastern Uganda and should bring himself to face the law, ” said Gen Kayihura. Prosecution alleges that Dr. Kiyingi offered training, recruitment and logistical support to former ADF rebels who were reportedly hired to execute the two Muslim clerics – Mustafa Bahiga, the head of William Street Mosque and Abdul Muwaya.It is alleged that Kiyingi channeled funds through her sister-in-law Aisha Nakasibante to facilitate the work of 18 suspects including Shiekh Yunus Kamoga, the former head of the Tabliq sect in Uganda, to kill clerics thought to be friendly to president Museveni’s government.

Who is Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi?

Dr. Kiyingi came into the limelight as the first business man to introduce computers in the country through his Dehez International. His sad appearance in the news and in the world’s face was in 2005 when we he was accused of orchestrating and organizing the shooting of his first wife, Robinah Kiyingi, a prominent corruption-fighting lawyer. Kiyingi was arrested when he came for burial of his wife along Gayaza road, tried and later acquitted. Intelligence sources however say that due to his ‘atrocities” plans are underway to have the murder charges re-instated against him. Dr. Kiyingi who says in this online platform that he is set to stand for Presidency next year has launched his online campaigns already where he claims he has over 5 million supporters.

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